Joyetech eRoll Mac Portable Charging Case Review

Very interesting new product from the company Joyetech called eRoll Mac BatteryThe article will talk about 2 options for configuration. We will not torment, rather in the review!



On sale there are two versions of the device:

– Simple whale: eRoll MAC Battery, eRoll MAC Cartridge, manual, cable for charging.

– Advanced whale (in the near future will go on sale): eRoll MAC Portable Charging Case, eRoll MAC Battery, 3 eRoll MAC Cartridge, manual, charging cable, carrying case.



Height: 100 mm, 
Diameter: 9.2 mm, 
Weight: 17.3 g


Technical specifications

Battery capacity: 180 mAh, 
Tank volume: 0.55 ml, 
Evaporator resistance: 1.5 Ohm, 
Declared charging time: 30 minutes, 
Output voltage: 3.7 V.


E-cigarette review

In 2014, JoyeTech introduced the first version of the device, called eRoll-C. In general, the whale has not changed much, only together cartridge cartridges use clearomizers with evaporators on ceramics.


The electronic cigarette received a metal frame and an outer plastic casing. The device is sold in three colors: gray, black and red. A atomizer with a 1.5 Ohm non-replaceable vaporizer is used as an atomizer.


Drip-type is made of plastic and wound on the duct with a thread. Additionally, it is the top cover of the filling.


Due to the total diameter of 9.2 mm, the hole is rather small. Therefore it is necessary to use bottles with a thin spout. The volume of the tank is 0.55 ml, which is very small compared to other devices.


Air is drawn in through one small hole at the bottom of the tank. Below is a 510 connector on the thread. A battery is nothing interesting. Above is a connector. The operation of the device occurs when tightening due to the air sensor. Battery capacity is 180 mAh. Below is a contact for charging or battery station use.


Battery Station Overview

The station received the same colors as the electronic cigarette. The main feature is the built-in 2000 mAh battery.


It can also act as a protective case: it can carry one cigarette assembly and two additional cartridges. On the side of the device there is a charge LED indicator, an electronic cigarette battery charge indicator and a USB type C port for charging the station itself.

The indicator is made in the form of four lights, where 4 will be lit at 75-100 percent, 3 – at 50 to 74 percent, 2 – from 25 to 49, and 1 to 24 percent. The e-cigarette indicator will turn on while charging and will go out after the process ends. To charge an electronic cigarette, it is necessary to insert it with the contact part into a special recess in the bottom.


Technical parameters of the station:

Length: 65 mm, 
Width: 115 mm, 
Height: 12 mm, 
Weight: 128.3 g, 
Battery capacity: 2000 mAh, 
Maximum charge current: 2.0 A.



The device turned out quite strange. In 2019, we get the functionality from 2014, with no significant changes to eRoll. The volume of the tank will be enough for a maximum of half a day of use, the battery will be discharged even faster. In this form, the sale of a separate electronic cigarette does not look very attractive to purchase.


The version with the battery station is already more interesting, since the kit additionally comes with two spare cartridges. As for the consumer audience can only guess. As an option – the company wanted to make a set for girls, as is the case with the first version. But everything will rest on the price: if the maximum set costs less than $ 25, the device can be watched for purchase. 

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Now It’s Available: Joyetech eRoll Mac Portable Charging Case
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