GeekVape Zeus X RTA Review

Today I have an interesting guest who has reincarnated many times already and has a decent army of fans. Frankly, the last experience with his brethren happened to me quite a while ago, but I still try to compare them a bit. 

GeekVape Zeus X RTA Case material: stainless steel Atomizer type: RTA Capacity: 3.5 / 4.5ml Diameter: 25mm landing / 26.5mm maximum / 29mm on bubble glass Height: 43mm with dark drip type / 39mm without drip type Connector: 510, pin gold-plated Weight: 61g Color: see photo below Package contents – Zeus X RTA – 2pcs pre-wound spirals

– Cotton 2 laces 
– Allen 
key – Wrench screwdriver 
– Spare orings 
– Spare screws – Spare 
– Additional 810th Drip type 
– Adapter for 510th Drip types 
– User manual 
– Certificates, etc. I can not say about the set – it is just gorgeous, there is everything for the start, as well as for a little customization of the tank. Our guest looks decent. I do not even know why, but I liked it. It is likely that the impression is now smoothed round, in contrast to its predecessors, the geometry of the lid, as well as a very original preset drip type.

Dimensions wide decent, especially with bubble glass. And without it, when you hold it in your hand, it seems that it is something solid, powerful. Accordingly, the weight of the device turned out to be somewhat large. On lightweight mods, it may outweigh, although with dunobochnikami, which he most likely is designed for is unlikely to happen. Drip two types, both 810th landing. One is made of the dolrin, the second of the ultem, the latter is slightly higher. Although I liked the dark version more visually, it collects much more condensate than its translucent counterpart. The adapter for the 510th copies was also put, but I don’t know why it is needed here.

The cover is quite massive, the locking mechanism is half-turn. It is easy to get into, for convenience, there are non-acute risks. Under the cover are two small holes for refueling. You see how much they are recessed below the edges of the tank, and inside the shaft rises, therefore, the nozzles of the bottles do not penetrate directly into the holes, hanging above them. I will not say that this creates difficulties in refueling, but probably it was not worth lowering them so low. Naturally, the construction cover is to blame. Ring tightening adjustment with a stopper, it is removable. The move is pretty tight though there are risks. Therefore, by accident, adjusting the airflow, you can open the cover. I will not mention this moment as critical, because it happens quite rarely, at least for me. The size of the air intake holes 13 x 2mm.

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The delay turned out sooo free, I covered it a little more than half. And I would like to cover up more, but then the steam is very hot and the taste is lost. The capacity of the tank is not the greatest, it can be increased due to the complete glass bubble. And even with him, the tank eats slush decently, and it’s still clear two spirals. As you understand, the non-spill-based constructive of our hero obliges him to have a double dome. Internal processing of the latter under the cone. The diameter of the mine is approximately 7.5mm, and the diameter of the dome at the base is 17mm. It is inserted into a larger one and is fixed by an oring, but remains movable for rotation of the base when it is wound. On its side there are three rows of holes, so that the bottom two rows are beating on the coyle from the side, and the top is obtained as if from above – at an angle to the deck.

I think many zevovody now again begin to lament about the extra holes. In part, I agree – in the top row, it seems, it was better to leave not five, but three holes. Why not remove them at all, I do not know, I also thought so on the first photo, but somewhat changed my mind after the tests. More on that later. Deca is quite simple and almost easy to maintain.

Two racks rise above it to fix the two spirals correctly. The screws are pre-installed under the slot, another two spare sets – one of them for the complete hex. The distance between the corresponding screws is 7mm. Under the racks there are special grooves in order to cut the coil legs after installation. Yes, it can be done, but, firstly, it is not particularly convenient, and secondly, the stings of your nippers should be very sharp and thin in order to crawl into this gap. Near the racks you can see two keys that are combined with the grooves on the inner dome and rotate it when winding the base.

It is a tricky business to fuel the tank, but there is one thing. It is inconvenient to mark the airflow holes, because if you tighten it, you won’t see a damn thing through the small holes. Therefore, it will have to be applied from the side, since it will be necessary to do this once or twice. Again, the design of the dome is limited to adjusting the position of the spiral. The bottom airflow holes peel above the very top of the pillars, then it turns out that the top beats exactly on top of the helix. It is impossible to make the latter fall even on the center of the spiral, for the dome is already beginning to narrow. You can, of course, push the coils closer to the center of the deck, but then they are significantly removed from the blower. In short, I chose a neutral position, in which the lower to the bottom, central to the center, and the upper, whatever one may say, is the captain on top – obvious, isn’t it?)

The holes for laying wool seemed to me average, and I decently combed the cotton. However, after that, he even walked into them a little. So here, as it seems to me, everything is fine – there is enough space for cotton from two spirals. Naturally, you will have to leave rather long ends, since the pillars rise significantly from the bottom of the base. At the same time, I did not observe absolutely any zhizhezhubaniya, perhaps between puffs, the cotton wool is moistened not particularly quickly – uncritically.

The taste of the tank is decent, I will immediately calm the admirers of Zeus – as it seems to me, this is the most successful copy in the line, including the taste transfer. He lays out the ingredients for the liquid, of course, not like a dripka, but it is understandable. Moreover, the dilution of steam is almost not felt. That is why I made a reservation about the extra holes in the dome. It seems to me that they almost do not interfere, but probably without them the taste was a little brighter, but the bulk probably suffered, because here it is decent. At the same time, the tank lid is not heated at all (thanks to the non-spill constructive structure), so you can not worry about your lips when using a low-profile complete drip type. Pin is gilded and performs decently. Impressions of use

I quite liked the tank, although lately I have moved away from the use of double-spiral specimens. It is assembled perfectly – there is absolutely nothing to complain about. Deca is still easy to maintain, and the equipment is cool. Well, traditional cherries for him are non-spill constructive, design and decent taste transfer. 

  • Non-spill constructive
  • Design (IMHO)
  • Decent taste transfer
  • Equipment
  • Price

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