Geekvape Zeus Dual vs OBS Engine Review

Geekvape has earned its title for being one of the best tank manufacturers in the ecig market with tanks such as the Griffin in the past, and recently the Blitzen RTA which had rave reviews and performed exceptionally. The Zeus Dual RTA is no exception.

Zeus Dual RTA.jpg

The Zeus Dual RTA is a dual coil version of their previous, Zeus RTA which was a single coil RTA. It still features a leak proof, top airflow and top fill design with an improved, post-less build deck.

In the box you will receive:

  • 1 x Zeus Dual RTA
  • 1 x Spare Glass Tube
  • 1 x 510 Drip Tip Adaptor
  • 1 x Allen Key
  • 1 x 510 Delrin Tip
  • 1 x 810 Drip Tip
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 2 x Braid Coils

Zeus Box.jpg

Zeus Coil.jpg
Zeus Dual Coil RTA Specs

  • Size: 46.4mm x 26mm
  • Both Single & Dual Coil
  • 510 & 810 drip tips are available
  • Color: SS, Gun Metal, Black, Blue
  • 4ml Capacity

Zeus Dual.jpg

The Zeus Dual RTA can be used as a single or dual coil RTA. The design is very similar to the previous single coil Zeus with a few minor tweaks. The first design difference you will notice is that on this version compared to the previous version, the inner cage has been removed which gives the RTA a cleaner look. Other than that, the RTA has received a slight facelift in it’s external design with most of the changes being made internally.

The Zeus Dual is available in many different colour options so you won’t have a problem finding a colour you want. It is available in: SS, Gunmetal, Black, Blue, Gold, Polished SS, Red/Black and Rainbow. I have the Blue which is more of a navy blue and has a really nice glossy metallic finish to it. The finish on the RTA is excellent and I highly doubt it will peel off.

You also have the option of using either 810 or 510 Drip tips on this RTA with the inclusion of the 510 drip tip adapter. I think the included tips work best on this RTA because it covers the lip. If you were to use your own 810 Drip tip, you may experience a slight overhang.

The build deck and airflow design at the deck is also different. On the Single Coil Zeus you have a sort of ‘wall’ with holes which direct the airflow to the side of the coils.

Zeus single deck.jpg

This is no longer the same on the Zeus Dual. The new design features more airflow and the airflow is now directed to the bottom of the coil depending on how high you place your coil. The new deck design is definitely an improvement from the previous Zeus RTA and makes the wicking process easier.



Focus On For More Vape Tank.


Building on the Zeus Dual is very simple due to the postless design. You simply cut your leads at the same length and drop them in the slots. When you try tightening the leads, it starts to become frustrating because the screws on this RTA are small. The one con that postless decks have is that it requires trial and error to get your coils to the ‘correct’ height or the height you want. This means that you will need to insert your coil, remove your coil, trim the leads and repeat until you get the perfect height. I would’ve really liked to see something like the coily coil trimming tool included to make building that much easier.

Zeus Deck.jpg

Wicking the Zeus Dual is easy but wicking the Zeus Dual properly takes a few attempts. Although this RTA is very forgiving with how you wick, you will not be getting the full experience if it is not wicked properly. To wick this RTA properly you will want to the cotton to just cover the top of the wicking ports and not fill up the ports. If you do fill up the ports, what you may experience will be a rather muted kind of vape which feels almost like an ‘airlock’.

Comparison to other Top Airflow RTA’s

I have tried a few top airflow RTA’s like the OBS Engine Nano and Engine Dual so I thought I’d do a quick comparison of how these compare.

For a long time OBS has changed the game with the release of the Engine line of RTA’s. These were among the very first of top airflow RTA’s that were released and have excellent reviews. Both RTA’s performed excellent.



The OBS Engine had a 5.2ml juice capacity were as the Zeus Dual has a 4ml capacity however, some versions of this RTA come with a bubble glass which increases the capacity to 5.5ml. The bubble glass can be purchased separately if you don’t get it in your box.​




If you remember the OBS Engine dual, you will know it featured a velocity style build deck which did make building a breeze however, it couldn’t really take massive coils but installing a build didn’t require much trial and error. The Zeus Dual on the other hand, supports bigger coils but installing the coils takes a bit more effort to get it set up correctly. ​



The OBS Engine and the Zeus Dual do require you to experiment a bit to get it wicked perfectly. Since these RTA’s are top airflow, you won’t get leaking but you do get dry hits, gurgling or spit back due to incorrect wicking. The only fix to these issues is re-wicking.​


For spit back and gurgling: 

Spit back is mostly caused because over saturated coils. To fix this, use more cotton (thicker piece) and try to cover the wicking ports a bit more. Fixing this issue requires trial and error to find a method that works best for you.

For Dry hits:

Dry hits occur due to you using to high wattage or wicking incorrectly (Too much cotton). Most of the time it’s using too much cotton that causes this issue. To fix this, simply use less cotton through the coil (if it is too tight through the coil) and cut the ends of the wick more so that it just sits and covers the wicking ports.​

Flavor and performance:

Once built and wicked correctly, the Zeus Dual RTA performs excellent! Compared to the OBS Engine, there is most certainly a noticeable difference in flavor. Using the same juices in both RTA’s which range from fruits, RY4, menthols, I have found the Zeus to be more flavorful and potent compared to the OBS Engine. The Zeus Dual, with its cons are my pick from the top airflow RTA’s I have tried. The Engine has had its place for a long time but the Zeus Dual is definitely the better option if you had to choose between the 2. I didn’t test out the Zeus Single Coil version but I would assume that with the versatility the Zeus Dual offers (Single or Dual coil) and making wicking easier for you by not needing to bend your cotton, the Zeus Dual should be considered.

Zeus Aegis.jpg

In short:

The Zeus Dual RTA performs excellent in flavor and vapor production and is the best dual coil leakproof RTA I have tried to date. The only cons for this RTA is the use of small screws on the build deck which make it frustrating to tighten your leads, the lack of a bubble glass in most editions. I would’ve love for Geekvape to include a Coily Coil Trimming tool or similar to the tool Wotofo Includes with their Recurve RDA.

Now It’s Available :Geekvape ZEUS Dual RTA 5.5ml

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