Geekvape Blitzen RTA Review – Ho Ho Ho!


Lets start with the Specs

24mm RTA
18mm postless deck
Side airflow – Large airholes
Supports Single and Dual Coils
Non TPD edition includes 5ml bubble glass
Drip tip height: 6mm
Drip tip diameter: 18mm
Height: 36mm
Base diameter: 24mm

In the Box:

1*Blitzen RTA
1*Spare Glass tube
1*Spare Bubble Glass tube
1*Chimney extender
1*510 drip tip
1*510 drip tip adaptor
1*810 Drip tip
1*Chimney key
1*Allen Key
1*Spare parts pack
1*User Manual

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First Thoughts

I’m a sucker for tanks, always have been and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed at all when I took the lid off the box. I love the fact that it comes with a spare glass, and lots of Orings, it kinda made me all warm and happy inside. The tank itself looked really nice nestled into the packaging and to be honest I couldn’t wait to get it coiled and wicked and get vaping with it.

Look and Feel

Its looks bloomin’ lovely  I have the stainless steel one so nice and shiny even though its a brushed kind of finish. It has Blitzen in bold type on one side, and the logo on the other. Now I can be a little bit slow at times, and it did take me a while to figure out what the actual logo is… D’oh! Its a reindeer. I guess it really is a festive tank! So should I put it away until next year, then dangle it from my Christmas tree?? Nooo way, I like it way too much to dangle it from anything but a mod!

It’s a top filling tank, just remove the cap and fill down one of the two generous sized holes, I can get my gorilla bottle nozzles in there with room to spare so you’re not going to spill liquid everywhere when filling.

The threads are all very smooth on the top cap and base, and the air flow control sleeve is as smooth as butter. No sharp edges anywhere, the machining is excellent.

The top cap and base both have shallow cut out sections that make it easy to grip for unscrewing and screwing back together.

Drip Tip & AirFlow

The Drip tip is beautiful! I used to have a thing for drip tips when I first started vaping and never did quite get over it! Its made from resin, so it has that two-tone kind of depth to it, and mine is orange with a splash of black to it. The more I use these wide bore 810 mouth pieces the more used to them I actually get, and this one is very comfy to get your lips around!

The airflow holes are of the fancy ‘honeycomb’ type, 16 little holes all lined up nicely with 5 at the top and bottom and 6 across the middle. This makes for great airflow control, You can close them down one row at a time (3 holes) until you get to just one final hole, which really does give a very tight draw.

Now you do get a 510 adapter in the kit, along with a simple 510 drip tip. I am using the Blitzen at the minute with a single coil @ 0.4ohms, and I did close the air flow right down to try mouth to lung inhaling but to be honest it was just way too hot, and very little vapour, even as low as 30w. But…. with a higher ohm coil, I’m pretty certain you could mouth to lung inhale with this tank. If anyone does try a higher ohm coil, leave a comment and let me know if MTL lung inhaling does indeed work? I would try it, but don’t have any of the higher gauged wire to make a 1.0ohm plus coil, and don’t fancy making a 20 wrap coil  with my 26 gauge


The Deck & Fitting your coil/coils

This is a postless deck, and your coils are going to drop down into the oval shaped holes, and then you will tighten them from the sides. You can fit either a single or a dual coil, and there is plenty of room in the post holes (or is that ‘post-less’ holes) for your bigger wire builds.

So I fitted a single coil, with some pre-made twisted something or other UD coil. And I have to say this was one of the easiest coils I have ever fitted to an RTA, you do have to precut the legs, but the rest was just really simple. Now I know it doesn’t look pretty, but it vapes really well!  The screws can be loosened and tightened with the little tool you get in the box. Or if you have one of those cheap pound shop small screwdrivers you can use that. That’s what I used, much easier than the stumpy little tool that comes in the box. And it is a flat head screwdriver you will need.

The wicking channels are quite generous, you’ll be able to tuck a decent amount of cotton in, and the liquid will flow in through the side of those channels.

For some reason the deck spins round, and I think this maybe because you have these cut outs where the cotton and liquid channel sits (so once its in position it kind of all moves round together while screwing the base back on. But… I don’t think you can remove it for cleaning, and I didn’t want to try because when I start to try and strip things down, I normally end up breaking them… yeah I’m a woman, I do that!

Now my first coil and wick just worked first time! No messing, no faffing, I wasn’t too bothered about how much wick I used (just wanted to get this Blitzen vaping!) just a rough guess and I get no leaks, no gurgles, no dry hits… I guess with the higher air holes this will pretty much eliminate leaking anyway.

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Fitting The Bubble Glass

Now I have been using this with the 5ml bubble glass, just because it saves me having to fill my tank every 10 minutes. To fit the bubble glass, you will need to use the weird looking little tool that comes in the box, pop a leg into each fill hole, and twist. It does take a little bit of force, but it will unscrew. Then you just need to make sure the seals are still on the tank base and top section, if not remove them from the glass and pop them on. Fit the chimney extender and pop the bubble glass on. I then also used the tool to tighten everything back down. Some people don’t like the look of the bubble glass, but it does keep the mouthpiece closer to the coils, and of course this helps with flavour. And personally I don’t mind the look of it at all.

How Does The Geekvape Blitzen Vape?

In a word ‘Brilliantly’! The flavour is really good, easily on par with some of my RDA’s. The air flow is directly positioned on to the side of the coils, with a single coil it gets air flow to both sides. This really does boost the flavour. The vapour production is pretty great too. I tend to have the air flow around ¾ to fully open, and the vape is lovely and smooth

I got a little bit of spitting when I first installed the coil, but that disappeared within the first half an hour and just left a really smooth, flavoursome vape.

I haven’t used dual coils in this yet, I’m enjoying this build and the way it vapes so much, that I’m kind of thinking ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!’  Plus I’m getting record breaking battery run time! I forgot just how long you could get from a pair of batteries with a single coil!! Its fantastic

I will get some dual coils in it eventually and will update if I find any problems, but I’m thinking dual coils are gonna be just the same…. but bigger!

Final Thoughts

I’ve been using this for the last few days and can’t find a single bad thing to say about it. It works and it works extremely well.  It’s just easy to use, easy to fill, easy to build on… the flavour is awesome, it looks good,  I love it!

Remeber a Blitzen is for life, not just for Christmas! Which to be honest suits me fine!

Now It’s Available :GeekVape Blitzen RTA 2ml/5ml

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