SMOK TFV12 Tank Review

Following the massive success of its TFV4 and TFV8 sub-ohm tanks, SMOK decided to go even bigger and this year launched the mother of all cloud-chasing tanks, the SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King. I think the name pretty much says it all, but if this is you’re unfamiliar with the TFV family of tanks, they are all about big clouds of vapor so dense that you can cut them with a knife. In this review, I’ll basically try to find out what SMOK could have possibly done to make this better than the stellar TFV8.

A Look at the Contents

The TFV12 Cloud Beast King comes in the usual SMOK packaging – a rectangular cardboard box, with a picture of the massive tank on the front, and a short but flattering description of the device, a list of contents and the mandatory warnings, on the back. If you’ve ever used any SMOK products before, you probably already know what to expect, as the company has been following this line for the last couple of years.


Inside the box, we have the massive TFV12 tank placed in a Styrofoam holder, and, underneath it, we have two spare coil heads, a backup glass tube, a couple of vape bands and a bag of spare o-rings and gaskets. There’s also a user manual, but it’s pretty basic, so if this is your first advanced sub-ohm tank, I definitely suggest buying something else, because this atomizers is aimed at experienced vapers only.

I was surprised and disappointed to see that SMOK hadn’t included an RBA base in the kit, but I later found out that the Chinese company offers two kit variants, one that only comes with two RBA bases, and one with three different types of disposable coil-heads. I got the latter for this review, but the good news is that you can purchase both the dual-coil RBA or the triple-coil one, separately.


I would have loved to have just one RBA included in the kit, but other than that, it’s a pretty sweet package.

Design and Build Quality

SMOK has been making its TFV sub-ohm tanks bigger with each new release, and the TFV12 is no different. This is a huge tank, so if you like them small and stealthy and don’t care too much for giant plumes of warm vapor, this is probably not for you. The TFV12 tank has a diameter of 25 mm at the base, but it balloons to 27 mm in the glass portion, in order to accommodate the gigantic coil-heads, as well as 6 ml of e-liquid. It’s also 70 mm tall from the base to the top of the drip tip, and weighs 91 grams. Overall, it’s taller and has a larger diameter than the SMOK TFV8, which makes it the largest tank I have ever used.


Design-wise, the SMOK TFV12 looks virtually the same as the TFV8, apart from some aggressive knurling on both the top and bottom parts. It has the same three piece design, same two-slot bottom airflow system, only this time the holes are even bigger, the now classic swivel-top filling system and a wide bore Delrin drip tip. If you’ve ever used a TFV8 tank, you can expect pretty much the same thing, only bigger, more power hungry and a lot thirstier.

But what really caught my attention while going through the SMOK TFV12 kit were the coils. I think it’s safe to say that these are the largest tank coil-heads on the market right now. When reviewing the TFV8 Cloud Beast, last year, I remember comparing them to those of the SMOK TFV4 and thinking that they couldn’t possibly make them any bigger. I was so wrong, because these new coil-heads make those of the TFV8 look like mere toys. The photos I took definitely don’t do them justice, but trust me when I say that they are humongous. To give you an idea how big these things are, the TFV12 has the same e-liquid capacity as the TFV8 (6 ml), but they had to make it 2.5 mm wider just so the coils could fit.


The build quality is stellar in my opinion, which I can’t say was a surprise after reviewing so many SMOK devices in the past few years. Their machining is always on point, the paint-job is flawless – at least I couldn’t see a single spot or scratch on mine – and the threads are nice and smooth. I definitely have nothing to complain about in this department.

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Setting Up

Getting the SMOK TFV12 ready for vaping is relatively simple. I suggest you start by taking the tank apart and giving it a nice rinse with warm water, to remove any leftover machining oil and to make sure it’s as clean as possible. Once you’ve let it dry and removed water droplets with a paper napkin, you’re ready to put the tank back together and decide which of the three coil-heads you want to use. The kit includes a V12-T12 coil, which looks a lot like the cylinder of a six-shooter revolver and features 6 duodenary coils with a combined resistance of 0.12Ω, a V12-X4 coil-head with two large quadruple coils and a resistance of 0.15Ω, and a V12-Q4 coil-head with one massive quadruple coil right in the middle. It also has a resistance of 0.15Ω. As you can imagine, they both require massive power to work as intended, but SMOK advertises the V12-T12 as a cloud-chaser’s dream, the Q4 as more of a flavor coil, and the X4 as a compromise between the two.


Once you’ve chosen the preferred coil, screw it on to the base of the tank and drop a bit of liquid into the coil to saturate the cotton wick and put the tank back together. When adding e-liquid, you want to close up the airflow slots on the bottom of the tank to prevent leaking. Opening the swivel top cap for the first may be a bit harder, but once the juice is in the tank and starts to lubricate the metal and rubber parts, it becomes easier. Now, all you have to do is wait for the coil head to soak up some e-liquid – I’d say 15 minutes, for good measure – and you’re ready to vape.

How It Vapes

This is what it all comes down to. A nice design and excellent build quality don’t mean  anything if an atomizer doesn’t vape well, but after having used both the TFV4 and TFV8 I knew that this tank was going to be pretty impressive. SMOK have plenty of experience with extreme sub-ohm tanks so if they say that this thing is a cloud-chaser’s dream, I’m inclined to believe them.


True to its name, the TFV12 tank is the Cloud Beast King! If you’re into high-wattage vaping and blowing gynormous clouds of vapor, you’re going to have a hard time finding a better tank. Those massive coil-heads are capable of turning a room into a steam-filled sauna in a matter of minutes and are said to have a very long life even when using thick, sweet e-liquid. However, you should know beforehand that you will pay for those impressive plumes of warm vapor in both e-liquid and battery life. All three coils included in the kit are rated 60W – 350W, but the recommended range starts at 90W for the X4 and Q4, and at 130W for the V12-T12. Personally, I think that anything under 120W for the first two coil-heads, and 180W for the latter will result in an underwhelming vaping experience.

Those massive coil-heads are hungry for power, and the more if it you feed them, the better they work. I did not test the V12-T12 at 350W, I was way out of my league at 180W anyway, but if you enjoy extreme high-power vaping, I think that coil-head performs best at over 200W. That’s uncharted territory for most vapers, but then again, this is not a tank for the regular vaper. It’s a special kind of “beast”.


Because it requires so much power in order to perform as intended, the TFV12 doesn’t pair well with just any vaporizer. First of all, your mod needs to have a maximum power output of at least 150W, and, personally, i wouldn’t recommend dual-18650 batteries, unless you’re cool with having to change them every few hours. Vaping at over 120W will drain your batteries pretty fast, so I suggest quadruple-battery devices like the iJoy MAXO or SMOK GX2/4 to maybe get a full day of vaping without worrying about battery life.

Another thing you’ll need to stock up on if you plan on using the TFV12 regularly is e-liquid. This may seem like an exaggeration, and it is, kind of, but you’ll need gallons of juice to keep this monster of a tank happy. That 6 ml juice capacity may sound impressive, but you’ll be surprised how fast you can go through a full tank. At around 150W – 180W, you can drain it in a matter of minutes, which is pretty insane. This is kind of a deal-breaker for me, personally, because I mainly vape premium e-liquids, and with the TFV12 it gets crazy expensive. If I were to mix my own juice, that would be a whole different story, though.


Just to clarify, the rapid battery draining and high juice consumption are NOT cons. I just want to make sure that people know that the TFV12’s amazing vapor production does have its costs, and if you’re willing to pay them, that’s fine. If you’re not, that’s fine too, but it’s important to know what you’re getting into before buying it.

However, I do have one big con to talk about. You probably noticed that at one point I said that the coil-heads “are said to have a very long life”. That’s because I didn’t get to use them for very long. Unfortunately, all three coil-heads that came with the kit started leaking at some point, and after a while, I just got tired of having juice flowing down my mod and hand when I least expected it.


To be honest, after trying my best to prevent leaks, I looked online to see if anyone reported similar issues, and I couldn’t find very many complaints. There were a few, but that’s common for virtually any tank on the market, so I can’t really say that the TFV12 tanks leak, but mine did, and it was a nightmare to deal with.

The first coil I tried, the V12-Q4, started leaking on the second day. I had filled it for the first time the evening before, left it for a whole night, and worked fine until about noon the second day, when I felt a sticky stream of juice flowing on my fingers after tilting the SMOK GX2/4 mod to take a vape. I think juice must have been building up in the base for a while, because when it started leaking, it wasn’t just a few drops. Anyway, I wiped off the tank and mod, making sure I got all of it out of the base and continued vaping. Everything was great until I tried refilling it. In a matter of minutes, the three-quarters full tank was virtually empty and my mod had received a juice bath that it definitely did not need. After losing about 6 ml of delicious Mr Macaron Salty Caramel, I just didn’t dare use that coil again.


Sadly, the other two coils weren’t better either. The V12-T12, made a gurgling sound from the very beginning, and started leaking soon after that, and my experience with the X4 was similar to the Q4. Bottom line, they all leaked. I don’t know if it was the tank or the coils, but I did do everything I could to stop it. I filled the tank with the airflow closed. made sure that the coils were screwed on properly, and even tried to tuck the wires sticking out at the bottom of some of the coils, so that the o-rings insulated properly. Nothing work, and I ultimately just gave up.

I’ve never had leaking problems with the TFV4 and TFV8, so I was really surprised and disappointed with the TFV12. Again, it looks like this isn’t a general issue with the tank, which leads me to believe that I was just incredibly unlucky to get a defective product for this review. I don’t know if it was the tank or the coils, but something was definitely not working properly. It’s a shame, because with the exception of the SMOK Big Baby Beast, I didn’t really have any leaking issues with SMOK tanks. I currently have three Baby Beast tanks in my daily rotation, and they are as dry as a bone.



From the short time I git to use the TFV12 without it leaking, I could definitely see why so many vapers are impressed with it. This thing puts out more vapor than anything I’ve ever used before – although the TFV8 is not far behind – provided you can afford to feed it the power and e-liquid it requires. I see it more as a showpiece than an all-day vaping choice, precisely because of the high costs associated with using it. Maybe some people can afford to blow though tens of ml of juice every day, but I for one sure can’t. The leaking problems were frustrating as hell, but, again, after using so many SMOK tanks, I think this was just a problem with this specific sample, and not a general issue.

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Innokin EQ Starter Kit Review

A new pod mod from Innokin is the Innokin EQ and although this might make you sigh and think “yet another pod mod” – this one is actually quite different!

This is the first pod mod(or one of) to use Mesh coils.

Mesh coils have been a massive game changer making a lot of stock coil sub ohm tanksperform almost as well as rebuildables. The Fireluke Mesh and the Horizon Falcon are real flavour machines.

Innokin introduced mesh coils in the Proton and Scion 2 kit, the coils used on the Scion 2 are called Plexus mesh and they are getting a reputation for being long lasting flavour coils.

So for a pod mod to use a similar style coil is brilliant!

On top of the mesh coil goodness, the pod is refillable and will hold 2ml of e-liquid. The filling is super simple too.

There is a 800mAh battery which is well above the average for pod mods plus you can choose from two outputs – regular mode = 13.5W or boost mode= 15.5W.

eq componentsThere are 5 colours to choose from – Black, Red, Blue, Purple and Silver.

So time to fill up, charge and get vaping!

I was sent 3 of these devices for review – but my opinions remain my own and are based on the device and usage stated below.

What’s In The Box

  • Innokin EQ battery
  • 2ml EQ pod
  • USB cable
  • User manual

Innokin eq kit contents


Innokin EQ Pod Mod Specs

  • Battery: 800mAh (internal)
  • 2ml refillable pod
  • 0.5ohm Plexus coil
  • Battery life indicator
  • Output: Regular mode = 13.5W, Boost mode = 15.5W

eq kit features

Build Quality & Design

I received 3 of these beauties in the Purple, Blue and Silver colours.eq pod 3 colours

The Purple one became my favourite!innokin eq front view

I was also sent 2 spare pods too – thank you Innokin.innokin eq rear view

On top of the pod is a cover cap which stops crap getting into the mouthpiece.innokin eq pod mod components

Good idea in theory however when you pull the cap off you pull the pod out of the mod!eq pod and cover cap

However otherwise the pod is pretty secure and doesn’t wobble or fall out.eq and pod

Other than the silly cover this is solid.

The body has a rubberised finish with a fire button which also has an LED in the centre. The LED is white in general use but will turn red when the battery level is low.eq top view

The mouthpiece on the pod is lovely and the curved profile fits in the mouth lovely.

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How Does the Innokin EQ Pod Mod Perform?

Basic operation

  • Power on / off – press the fire button 3 times quickly.
  • Change power mode – turn off device and hold fire button until it lights up to the required colour – red=boost and white=standard. Turn device on again. (This is the only way to check what power mode you are in – when the device is on the lights are the same colour in both modes!)
  • Battery level – the LED in the fire button will light up white – but when it turns red the battery level is low so recharge.

How To Charge The Battery

  • Plug the small end of the supplied USB cable into the base of the pod.eq charging
  • Plug the other end of the USB cable into a suitable USB outlet.
  • The LED on the fire button will go out when fully charged.

How To Fill The Pod

  • Pull the pod from the battery – it is only held in magnetically.
  • Tip the pod upside down.
  • Rotate the pod base to expose the fill ports.eq pod fill ports
  • Squeeze liquid into the ports whilst observing the level. If using one port only it does equalise between sides if you wait a second or two.eq pod refilling
  • Swivel the pod base back into closed position.
  • Install the pod into the battery – as the contacts on the pod are circular the pod can be installed either way around.eq pod installation

How To Change The Pod

  • New pods have a cap on the base so remove this.eq mesh pod base cap
  • Pull the existing pod from the battery.
  • Fill the new pod as described above.
  • Leave the pod to stand for 5 minutes to allow the coil to prime.
  • Push the pod into the battery.

Flavour & Cloud Production

Well the instructions do not tell you what e-liquid would suit this pod mod best.

The coil is a 0.5ohm mesh coil so in theory might be too low resistance for some higher nicotine e-liquids.eq pods

I tried a few different e-liquids of varying nicotine strength and PG/VG mix. If you want to read more about PG and VG in E-liquid you can read our guide.

First of all I tried a 18mg Nicotine Salt liquid from Salt Nix on the standard power mode. Ouch this was way too harsh and one of my lungs exploded I swear.

So I didn’t use with nic salts again!

Second pod I tried a 50/50 12mg nicotine e-liquid on the standard power setting and this was perfect. Wonderful flavour, perfect throat hit and the vapour you would expect from a MTL high nic vape.

Changing to the Boost power setting and this is so much hotter but not unbearable. I do prefer the standard power mode and this will help save battery life too!

Out of curiosity I also tried a 70%VG E-liquid – IVG Bubblegum Millions to see how this would cope.

Oh yes, it coped perfectly fine with 70VG e-liquid and again a wonderful flavour too. Not as much vapour as you would expect with high VG but this is a low power MTL device.

This is primarily a Mouth To Lung (MTL) device. However with the high VG I was able to manage a very restricted DTL vape but there wasn’t much vapour – but you can’t expect that from 13.5W!

It might be low power but doesn’t lack flavour or warmth even in the regular mode. I have rated the Vapour output as 9 as this is what you would expect for this power device.

Battery Life

There are two power output settings on this. As I didn’t find the Boost Mode to be of much benefit I used this mainly in the Regular mode – which outputs 13.5W.

With regular vaping on regular mode I got 4.5 hours of battery life. Bearing in mind that is me sat at a desk with 3-4 vapes every 10-15mins.


  • Solid reliable little pod mod
  • Very cute and lovely feeling to the rubber coating
  • Lovely taste and warm vape
  • Brilliant coil life – so far 2 weeks.
  • Easy to use and fill.
  • Lightweight and pocket friendly
  • Excellent battery life
  • Ability to use different types of e-liquid.
  • No leaks


  • The pod pulls out of the battery when you remove the protective cap.
  • Battery indicator only tells you when battery is close to dying.
  • Didn’t really need to use the Boost power mode.
  • Instructions give no indication of what e-liquid is best for this. I found Nic Salts too harsh.
  • It would be nice if you could just change the coil without having to bin the whole pod.
  • Perhaps some brighter or girly colours – Pink, Turquoise and pastel shades would increase the appeal (subjective).
  • No indication of which power mode you are in unless you turn device off and press and hold fire. Not a big deal but would be nice to know without having to do this.

Final Review Verdict

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Innokin EQ pod mod. I would be in floods of tears if it broke or I lost it. Yep I am an emotional female but this is so practical and performs so well I couldn’t be without it.

If you want something for out and about with a battery capacity which will be sensible and a vape you really enjoy you can’t go wrong with the EQ. Also this is perfect for someone just starting vaping and wants something clean and simple.

Add to that you can use high nic or higher VG liquid in this then then versatility is even better. Innokin do say that 80%VG might be too thick for this pod so I didn’t try it.

Apart from the silly cover cap and the battery indicator this is perfect. I would buy another tomorrow. In fact I will be ordering some more pods too when they are for sale! So far my first pod with the 50/50 12mg liquid is still going strong after 2 weeks!

This has replaced my excellent Joyetech Exceed Edge pod mod as my dog walking/driving device!

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AUGVAPE V200 Review

I’m just going to come right and say it: I’m a massive fan of this mod.

The AUGVAPE V200 had me impressed right from the beginning: the packaging, the color scheme (mine’s red). Even the name. Everything is very much on point.

It just looks and feels classy. Like a lot of care and attention has gone into every aspect of the device – from the idea behind its styling to how it’s packaged.

I like it when this happens. When you get a good feeling, right out the blocks.

Usually, anyway…

It does feel good when you look at something and it tells you a story before you’ve even unboxed it.

I know and like AUGVAPE quite a bit, so I was really hyped about the V200 before it arrived on my doorstep.

I knew it didn’t feature TC vaping before I got it. This isn’t an issue for me, as I never TC vape.

I’m a wattage mode boy through and through.

And I knew it was all about power, simplicity, and performance.

Three things I like very much.

Over the past three weeks, this mod has been everywhere with me. I’ve tested a bunch of RDAs on it too.

What follows is my honest review of the AUGVAPE V200. Enjoy!

AUGVAPE V200 Review – Is This Thing Legit?

AUGVAPE V200 Design

The AUGVAPE V200 design is based on a Honda engine block.

The B VTEC, apparently.

I know literally nothing about Honda engines. But I am told the one it is modelled on is fast.

The chassis itself is made to look like the actual engine block and it even features a little oil cap-style clicker for flicking through menus and upping and downing the power.

It even has exposed screws, which look awesome. I really dig the industrial design of this mod.

It’s unique and very eye-catching.


The display is secreted away in a black panel that runs down the front portion of the mod.

And the fire key? That’s built into the display, placed right at the top. It is 100% invisible. And if you’re like me, and never read instructions, it will definitely take you a few minutes to find it.

The battery door is at the bottom, and it slides open and seals easily enough. There is also a USB port for updating the firmware too.

The machining on this thing – especially at the top where your 510 connects – is sublime.


The 510’s Modeled On An Alloy Wheel. Very Cool Effect

I love how smoothly all my attys slip into this thing; the threads are deep and smooth. Perfect, basically.

I also really dig the honeycomb pattern (or alloy wheel-inspired design) AUGVAPE used on the 510 as well.

For me, the design of this mod is flawless. I love it. And I think it looks best in red, though you can get it in white and black too.

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AUGVAPE V200 Specs & Features


The V200 is Really Compact As Well; I Love The Design of This Mod

As I mentioned, the AUGVAPE V200 is designed for performance. Nothing, save for TC mode, has been left on the table.

The chip inside it is ultra-powerful, delivering power like a Tesla car – everything is 100% available as soon as you hit the power key.

I like the entire philosophy behind this mod. I like that it’s simple, I like that there’s a theme behind it, and I adore the way it looks and vapes.

I got tons of comments from people when I was using it, and I definitely think the Red version is the better-looking of the two. Still, white is very fashionable these days.

And it’s always good to have a choice in this regard.

Here’s a quick rundown of the AUGVAPE V200’s key specs and features:

  • 87.5mm by 45mm by 29.2mm
  • 5 to 200W Output Range
  • 0.05 to 3.0 ohm Atomizer Resistance Range
  • Bypass Mode
  • V Mode
  • 0.96 Inch OLED Display
  • Zinc Alloy
  • Oversize Hidden Firing Button and Rotating Button
  • Analog Trigger for Settings
  • On-Board Charging
  • 1.2A Max Charge Current
  • Bottom Latch Battery Access Door
  • Gold Plated Spring Loaded Connections
  • Accepts Two High Amperage 1865 Batteries
  • Stainless Steel 510 Threading
  • Spring Loaded Gold Plated Contact

AUGVAPE V200 Performance

As you can see above, the AUGVAPE V200 packs in three vaping modes. And all of which are power-mode only.

You have, 1) normal, 2) V Mode, and 3) Bypass Mode.

It’s NO WAY near as complicated (or expensive) as the YiHi SX MINI T-Class.

Normal mode is where I did most of my vaping with the AUGVAPE V200. Why? I didn’t really notice that much difference between normal and V Mode.

AUGVAPE says the V200 will ramp up faster in V Mode. But I could hardly tell the difference. It’s rapid in either mode.

Switch to Bypass Mode and, well… prepare to have your head blown off!


Bypass Mode acts like a nitrous-switch on this thing, ramping up EVERYTHING.

To be honest, it was a bit too much for me. I like a more casual vape. But if you’re after BIG – and I really do mean, BIG – hits then you’re gonna love Bypass Mode.

There is no TC mode, however, so if that’s something you care about, well… you’re gonna have to give this one a miss. Because it ain’t present.

It doesn’t squonk, either.

And this, despite my love for squonk mods, added to my adoration of this device.

It’s OLD SCHOOL. All about power. And it doesn’t care if that bothers you.

This mod is just about vaping in power mode, looking good while doing it, and having TONS of power and chug under the hood.

And the AUGVAPE V200 excels in this respect in almost every regard.

AUGVAPE V200 Battery Life

Prior to testing a dual-18650 mod, you always think battery performance is kind of going to be similar across all styles of mods.

But this just isn’t the case. Some mods are A LOT better when it comes to battery efficiencies.

I love SMOANT but its mods are proper thirsty in the battery department.



The AUGVAPE V200 is the exact opposite, however – it just sips power.

I’ve been running a couple of 3-month old 18650 cells in the AUGVAPE V200 and its battery performance has been, in a word, exceptional.

It lasts around 20% longer than my SMOK Majesty and a good 35% longer than my SMOANT Cylon.

How AUGVAPE did this? I have no idea. But it’s likely down to the chip the AUGVAPE V200 uses.

Either way, it’s a bloody big positive, so hats off to AUGVAPE in this regard.

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GeekVape Aegis 100W Review

The GeekVape Aegis is a single 26650/18650 battery mod that not only has the most advanced features built-in, but is also designed to be shockproof, waterproof and dustproof. So if you work in an extreme environment and are looking for a vaporizer that can take a beating, or if you’re just really clumsy, the GeekVape Aegis may be the device you’ve been waiting for.


A Look at the Contents

The Aegis 100W mod comes in a large cardboard box featuring a picture of the device covered in water droplets, which hints at its waterproof rating. On the back, instead of the usual list of contents, we only have GeekVape’s company information, as well as the several specs and features of the device, including IP67 waterproof and dustproof certification, adherence to the 810G-516.6 Military Shockproof Standard, and its ability to support both 18650 and 26650 batteries. There’s also a warning that despite its shockproof construction, users should NOT damage the Aegis on purpose.

Inside the box, we have the GeekVape Aegis 100W mod, an 18650 battery adapter, a small silicone cap, a couple of hex screws and a user manual. The sample I received for this review also came with a pre-installed 26650 battery with its positive contact taped with plastic to avoid accidental activation. I don’t know if all Aegis kits come with the battery included, though.


Design and Build Quality

The GeekVape Aegis is not the world’s first shockproof and waterproof vape mod. I remember the Heatvape Invader came out a couple of years ago, and there have been others, but the Aegis is undoubtedly the most attractive one I’ve seen. It has a pleasant design even when compared to conventional vaporizers, which is saying something, because making a good-looking shockproof mod is not the easiest thing in the world. On the packaging, it says “Designed by Justin, GeekVape GM”, so I guess he deserves props for the eye-catching design.

There are so many things I want to mention about this device that I don’t even know where to start. It measures 88.6mm x 37,8mm x 46,6mm and consists of a combination of metal (aluminum and zinc alloy), LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber), plastic and genuine leather. The buttons and display protector are the only bits of plastic on this mod, so overall, it has a high-quality feel to it.


Apart from the screen protector, every element of the mod is held in place by screws, which makes sense if you really want this thing to remain in place during extreme situations. They are all 5T type screws, so you will need a special screwdriver to take it apart.

On top of the Aegis we have a spring-loaded 510 connection with a gold-plated pin. It’s screwed on to the mod with three small screws, whereas most manufacturers prefer to press fit their connections, for aesthetic purposes, but the thing I love most about it is that it is located toward the center of the device, making atomizer overhang a non-issue. You can easily fit a 30mm diameter atomizer on this device without it overhanging. In fact, if they ever make any larger tanks, they are still going to fit just fine.


Next to the 510 connection plate, you’ll notice a small metal plate held in place by two small screws. That’s where the micro-USB port is hidden, and you’ll actually have to unscrew that plate and remove a little silicone cap to reach it. The Aegis 100W doesn’t support on-board charging, but it is firmware upgradable, so you’ll only need to access this port when you want to upgrade your mod. The plate ensures that the port doesn’t get damaged in case of contact with hard surfaces, while the silicone cap prevents water from getting through. If the plate screws or the cap somhow get damaged, you have backups included in the kit.

You’ll also notice a few tiny holes punched into that little plate that covers the micro-USB port, as well as a sharp but on the other side of the plate. Those holes are designed to allow the battery to vent, if it gets too hot. But what about that silicone cap covering the USB port, tight? Well, that’s what the burr is for. In case something goes wrong, gasses from the battery will push that silicone cap into the burr, eventually puncturing it, allowing the gasses to explain. This is just a safety precaution, but if you use quality batteries and don’t stress your device too much, you’ll probably never get to see it in action.


On the bottom of the Aegis we have a special type of battery door. A magnetic of hinged door just wouldn’t have cut it on a shockproof, waterproof and dustproof vaporizer, so GeekVape went for a threaded cap-like design instead. It features a metal tap that you can use to screw and unscrew the battery cap, which looks and feels as sturdy as a miniature bunker door. The battery compartment is large enough to fit one 26650 battery, but you can also use an 18650, thanks to the Styrofoam adapter included in the kit. The threaded battery cap insulates this area perfectly, so you don’t have to worry about water or dust getting in.

The GeekVape Aegis 100W is primarily made of zinc alloy, but the only time your hand actually comes in contact with this material is when you screw or unscrew the battery cap. That’s because half the mod is wrapped in shock-absorbing LSR, while the rest is covered in aluminium plates and genuine leather. As I mentioned in the beginning, the screen protector and buttons are the only plastic elements, and this is really good quality plastic we’re talking about, not the cheap stuff.


The medium-sized fire button is one of my favorite things about the Aegis, I love the light-switch shape of it, and the fact that is suits thumb pressing so well, not to mention the satisfying clickiness. I protrudes from the mod quite a bit, but that only makes it stand out more  The “+” and “-” buttons are located under the display and they are just as clicky as the power button. None of the buttons have any rattle, no matter how hard you shake the vaporizer.

The plastic screen protector is on the glossy side, so not only is it going to pick up fingerprints, but it’s also going to scratch very easily compared to the rest of the mod. On the bright side, it does come off, so I suspect you can change it if it becomes unusable. The OLED display itself is fairly large and bright enough to see even in strong sunlight. You can also adjust the brightness of the screen by holding the “-” or the “+” button and the fire button down at the same time.


Opposite the display, we have the most elegant element of this mod, a section wrapped in stitched leather. It’s a bit strange to see leather used on a shockproof device, but I can’t deny that I love it. It’s genuine leather, by the way, not some cheap sticker, and it feels great to the touch. It’s also been holding up very well so far, although I have to admit that I haven’t abused the Aegis the way I’ve seen other reviewers have.

We’ve seen a lot of manufacturers use carbon fiber stickers on their mods, like the iJoy Captain PD270, for example, and that’s nice too, but I would definitely see others use real leather, even if it bumps up the price a bit.


Overall, I think the GeekVape Aegis has an exquisite design and build quality, especially if you take into consideration its waterproof, shockproof and dustproof qualities. Sure, it’s a bit more girthy than conventional single battery mods, and even most dual-battery ones, but that’s understandable for the reasons I already mentioned. The rubber finish also tends to attract a lot of dust and pocket lint, but it’s obviously easy to clean, since you can safely wash everything off. But, as a whole, the Aegis looks and feels great, and it’s a worthy addition to any vaper’s collection.

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How Tough Is It?

GeekVape recommends users not damage the Aegis on purpose, but a quick search on YouTube yields all sorts of torture tests people have subjected it to. From being dropped it in the toilet, to being thrown off a bridge and even being run over by a car, this mod has been through a lot, but I have yet to see one that stopped working after being subjected to extreme punishment. In the worst cases, the plastic screen protector came off, but the device still worked.


I for one didn’t go too far during torture tests. For one thing, I only received on unit for this review, and I didn’t want to risk breaking it before completing the review. Plus, while I fully acknowledge the entertainment value of extreme torture tests, most of this situations are highly unlikely to occur in real life. I mean, what are the odds of having a car run over your mod, or even dropping it in the toilet? And if it did fall in, would you reach in and take it out?

That said, I did throw it around on hardwood floor a few times, dropped it on pavement from shoulder height to see how it handled potential shocks, and I also took it with me in the shower a couple of times and submerged it in the sink, to see if it was actually waterproof. Apart from some scratches on the screen protector and on the decorative aluminium plate, the Aegis looks as good as new and works perfectly. I definitely don’t recommend dropping the GeekVape Aegis on hardwood though, because it’s pretty heavy and it can actually make dents. I learned that the hard way.


The Aegis seems able to handle whatever punishment you throw at it and still work fine, which I think is really impressive, but I wouldn’t abuse it too much just for kicks, because you’ll end up with a beat-up device. Yes, it will probably still function, but it’ll look like a wreck. The rubber will start to chip off, the aluminium will scratch and bend and the leather will tear. It’s one thing if the damage occurs by accident, but doing it on purpose just seems silly.

Menu System and Navigation

The GeekVape Aegis 100W has one of the most user-friendly menus I’ve ever seen, and navigating through all the different options is a joy. There’s no menu system to go into, as all the settings and adjustments are done on the home screen.


You start by pressing the fire button three times in rapid succession to access the menu. You’ll then see the “Power” field become highlighted, which lets you know that you are now in settings mode. You can switch to temperature control for all three supported materials (nickel, stainless steel and titanium), TCR, Bypass (mech mode) or VPC (curves) by pressing the “+” or “-” buttons, and make your selection with a long press of the fire button.

But you can also scroll down to the secondary settings with short presses of the fire button, after accessing the menu. In Power mode, this allows you to reset the resistance of the atomizer and have the mod read it again, lock the resistance or reset the puff counter. In Temp. Control, you can also adjust the wattage, and in TCR, you can adjust the value of the TCR for your selected material.


One of the coolest features of the Aegis 100W is the VPC mode, where you can create custom wattage/temperature curves for a personalized vaping experience. The mod lets input five values, each representing a second, and it even displays a graph of the curves you create. So you can have the mod fire at 100W for one second, than drop to 75W for another second, make it go up to 90W, and so on. After going through all five inputs, the Aegis will keep firing at the wattage/temperature level in your fifth input, until you take your finger off the power button or it reaches the cutoff time.

Overall, the whole menu system is simple and intuitive, so even though it’s a bit different than most other menus I’ve seen, it’s easy to get used to. Plus there are so many options and settings you can play with to make your vaping experience enjoyable.


Battery Life and Overall Performance

Whether you plan on using the GeekVape Aegis 100W with a 26650 battery or an 18650 one, it’s still a single-battery mod. It’s hard to give you an estimate of the battery life, because it depends on a lot of factors, like your preferred wattage output, how often you use it and your vaping style, but I can tell you my experience with it. I’ve been using it for over a week now, exclusively with the 26650 battery, and it has never lasted me a whole day, not even close. I think 8 hours was the most I’ve gotten out of it, which is not bad, but it’s also not as good as a dual 18650 mod, like the SMOK T-Priv, not to mention the dual-20700 iJoy PD270 Captain.

But I really can’t complain abut battery life. I honestly believe that the single 26650 battery option was the best solution for this mod. It was all down to a compromise between battery life and size, as going for a dual-18650 battery design would have increased the size of the device considerably, due to all the extra padding required to keep it shockproof. It already has a larger girth than most dual-18650 mods, so making room for two batteries would have made it almost unusable for people with small hands.


With so many 200W+ watts on the market these days, the 100W max output of the Aegis will probably leave some people unimpressed, but it was the best GeekVape could do with a single 26650. On the bright side, this mod actually puts out 100W with a charge battery, and the vast majority of vapers never go over 100W anyway. Sure, a lot of users just like to know that they have a lot of power at their fingertips, even though they never need it, but the reality is that 100W is a perfectly decent power level.

One of the first things I noticed while testing the Aegis mod was how fast it fired. It is virtually instantaneous, you just the press the power button and you can hear the coil sizzling inside the atomizer. The power ramp-up is just as lightning-fast, making the mod a joy to use.


I’m not a big fan of temperature control, but from the few times I actually used it, the GeekVape Aegis seems to do a good job of controlling the temperature. I also read that the company shipped out a few units to tech-savvy reviewers like DJLsb Vapes , for beta-testing, and tweaked out any issues they found prior to rolling the mod out to retailers. That may not guarantee flawless performance, but it does show that GeekVape tried its best to make sure everything worked properly prior to release. I for one think they succeeded.

After over a week of using the Aegis, I have yet to find any serious performance issues. The mod seems to read resistances very accurately and has that useful “reset resistance” feature, it fires instantly, the power output is real, not inflated as with other devices, and according to my limited testing, temperature control was pretty well too. You really can’t ask for much more.



This may very well be the longest review I have ever written, but I still feel there was a lot more to say about this device. Everything about it is special, from its shockproof, waterproof and dustproof rating, to the design and build quality and even the user-friendly interface and navigation. It’s not going to appeal to everyone, though. I’m pretty sure some people are going to have a problem with its size and weight, but in my opinion they are completely justified to make the device as resistant to abuse as possible.

Despite its few subjective cons, the GeekVape Aegis 100W has already generated a lot of interest in the vaping community, and people are already asking for a dual-battery version for improved battery life. Something tells me we’ll be seeing more Aegis mods in the future, and maybe even other shockproof and waterproof mods from other manufacturers.


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