Mechanical Output Experience – Tesla Terminator Starter Kit Review

Now electronic cigarette equipment in orde to gain the best taste from minor adjustment design complex operating system and function. And in order to provide bigger power, battery usage has been increasing, and big size and weight. But complex operation is a high threshold for the novice friends (especially a lot of equipment without Chinese instruction),and bigger size makes a lot of people turn to small size and simple mechanical operation equipment.

We this time bring you a single electrical machanical box mod, with lighter weight and small volume, and half mechanical and one key operational mode.

It is from “half machinery expert” tesla terminator half mechanical suit.

Tesla changed consistent square packing style. This time it use the paper tube packaging, with host X1, atomizer X1, cable X1, atomizer and box mod instructions, atomizing core X1, accessories, glass storehouse package X1, warning card X1, and the certificate of approval X1.

Box mod parts: 80 mm * 36.5 mm * 22 mm of small volume, with fruity line, feeling very comfortable.

No scratch-resistant disk around the top 510 interface, it is very easy to scratch when installing atomizer. At the left bottom is light, below it is the brand LOGO, and right below is the USB charging port. At the bottom is output parameters and charging parameters of products. Word TERMINATOR stamps on the back of the battery, and at the top add antiskid bulge.

Atomizer parts: atomizer is 22 mm in diameter, black mouth, shape of slope steps, brand LOGO and TERMINATOR is on the roof, can see resistance and recommended power on atomization core through tank.

Small and light, the fuselage feels very comfortable. One key operation mode is simple and without difficulty. The light is rich in function. It has excellent security and support the quick charge.

This Tesla Terminator Starter Kit is very suitable for new users with good cost performance and good performance of the taste and smoke.

So if you are not exposed to electronic cigarettes, or want to experience the unique experience, and are bored with tedious operation, the tesla terminator suit is a good choice.

Continuous innovation – CoilART AZEROTH RTA experience

Innovative spirit, in the field of electronic cigarette, never stop. No matter on the box mod, in the atomizer, even in smoke oil, it is not hard to find all kinds of new device.

Today, we introduce the atomizer, AZEROTH RTA. AZEROTH RTA’s biggest innovation, is to join the triple coil deck popular RTA type atomizer. So what kind of experience it will bring us?

Simple packaging, its content is very rich also. In addition to AZEROTH RTA subject, there are double coil deck, resin roof, yellow ring, T word screwdriver, spare parts and cue CARDS.

AZEROTH RTA structure and common RTA type atomizer have no big difference. It is broadly divided into one-piece top drip nozzle (metal/resin), one-piece oil baffle even atomization, electrode deck (3/2 coil), as well as the one-piece inlet adjustment base.

One-piece head cover is connected with oil partion by thread.Metal top drip nozzle’s hole diameter is similar to 810 drip nozzle, which meets demand of the players to play big smoke. Resin roof will be smaller in diameter, and is similar to the conventional 510 drip nozzle. Two drip nozzle have a small slope design, which effectively prevent condensate drawing into the mouth.

Supporting oiling at the top, AZEROTH RTA is equipped with one-piece oil separator and engraved with CoilART mage LOGO on atomizationstorehouse. Atomization warehouse has design of gathering, which can prompt strong degree of smoke, also effectively prevent condensation “climbing” into mouth.

After assemble the glass cover, AZEROTH RTA has plenty of 4.5 ML of oil reserves. AZEROTH RTA’s most distinctive design is triple coil deck. The entire deck adopts the technology of the gold-plated, conductive lays a sound foundation of construction.

Connected with the three electrode columns in the center of the deck, the three electrodes correspond with the anode of three heat wire.

The three electrodes connected to the deck correspond with three negative heat wire.

Triple coil deck has three air inlet at the bottom. Air inlet opening is big enough, guarantee in 3 cases, can have enough air inflow.

Triple coil deck innovation on AZEROTH RTA, no matter on the palate, or on the density of smoke, has very good performance. Is enough to cope with high oil consumption. Although triple coil deck does have some difficulty for beginner. Players can also meet needs and hands-on ability, by choosing triple or double coil deck. If you like full-bodied palate, you might as well try this atomizer.

Limitless LMC 200W Box Mod Review – Performance

This is a pretty simple and basic vape mod, despite its high-tech appearance. One thing I’d like to stress is that this mod doesn’t come near 200W – you can find it on urvapin and they weren’t excellent. On 0.2ohm coils you can expect up to 185W, which is pretty great. Go higher than that (for example, 0.5) and that number will drop to low 150’s. Personally, I never go that high so it’s a non-issue for me. On the other hand, there are vapers who are pushing it to the limits and this is going to be an important piece of info for them.

There are three working modes that you get with Limitless LMC 200W Box Mod and these are soft, standard, and powerful. These three are basically pre-heat function modes that allow you to ramp up power to fire those chunky builds almost instantly. It’s a pretty nifty little addition that’s much appreciated by vapers who are looking for a harder hit.

The biggest downside of this device is that it doesn’t have a USB connection. Of course, this isn’t related to onboard charging – always charge your dual mod batteries together and using a quality charger. This is more about the fact that without a USB connection there is no hope of firmware upgrades in the future. Even though Limitless LMC 200W TC box mod is a quality device, for some vapers this is going to be a definitive deal-breaker.

If you’re looking for a solid, out-of the-box mod and you’re excited by the fact that you can customize its appearance to your liking with interchangeable magnetic plates, the Limitless LMC 200W Box Mod was made for you. This mod is a mix of negatives and positives, really, and it’s hard to say whether or not it’s worth the money. On one hand, it’s a stunner – the aesthetics are pretty amazing. The quality of build is also great and you can tell straight off the bat that it was built to last. Performance-wise, it’s also pretty decent – not the best box mod out there, but certainly not the worst, either. On the other hand, there are some pretty major drawbacks here. The design may be great but it makes it pretty clunky and difficult to handle. Both the plates and the mirror-like display are horrible fingerprint magnets as well. The fact that it’s not upgradeable is a huge minus as well, possibly the biggest one. Weighing cons and pros I’d say that LMC Box mod is worth the money only if you have it to spare. I personally like it and will keep using it occasionally but that doesn’t mean it’s right for you. If you really want it and are dazzled by its looks, go for it. If you prefer functionality over design and quality of make, look somewhere else.

All new all-in-one Breeze vaporizer by Aspire

The aspire breeze starter kit is the latest all-in-one device that employs a compact and ergonomic design, no matter how you hold or grip it, it feels good in the hand. It also utilizes Aspire U-tech coil which ensures you a flavorful vape.

Introducing the all new Aspire Breeze. The breeze has a built-in refillable tank that holds 2ml of e-juice and is compliant with TPD regulations. Not only that, its auto-fire feature adds even more convenience to your daily vaping, no need to press the fire button, just inhale from the drip tip and it will work for you. The fire button also helps further navigate the Breeze.

In addition to its simplicity and good looking in design, the Breeze is also super easy to use, just inhale from the drip tip without pressing the fire button. Make sure the Breeze has been filled with e-juice before taking a inhale.

Fill the Breeze from the top, pull off the drip tip section, unscrew and remove the chimney unit, you can add your preferred e-juice into the tank. Be aware of the max fill line when filling the Breeze.The Breeze employs U-tech coil to ensure a flavorful vape (Breeze U-tech coils are not interchangeable with Nautilus X U-tech coils.)

The aspire breeze aio kit can be charged from its Micro-USB charging port, maximum charge current can reach up to 800mA. You can also charge the Breeze by using the charging dock for more convenience.

Aspire Breeze Starter Kit Components:
Micro USB Charging Port
Fire Button
Breeze Atomizer
Built-in Tank
Airflow Hole
Chimney Unit
Drip Tip
Drip TIp Protective Cap
Aspire Breeze Charging

Aspire Breeze Starter Kit Specifications:
Aluminum alloy
650mAh battery capacity
Height: 93mm
Width: 33mm
Thickness: 18mm
Capacity: 2.0ml
Aspire Breeze Automatic on/off

Never blow directly into the mouth piece as this could potentially burn the coil and may cause a fire hazard.
Replace the drip tip protective cap when the Breeze is not in use

Mini compact machine “Q” – SMOK Q – BOX experience

“Q” is the word “express” homophonic, meaning clever, beautiful. Traditionally we will also use it to describe small, cute, mini and other people or things. Today we share a small “toy” host experiences.

Smok Q Box 50W Kit Product parameters

Brand: SMOK
Model: Q – BOX
Size: 54.8 mm * 33.57 mm * 25 mm
Capacity: 1600 mah
Power: 6 ~ 50 w
Material: zinc alloy

Packaging accessories
Pull box, heaven and earth cover packing, the small atomizer lying in it.
It is a suit products with the atomizer and its spare parts.

Product appearance
Compared to conventional single electric host, it is only two-thirds the size of that, and shorter than smoke oil. Screen is designed on the front. On the top and bottom is the LOGO information with black decoration in the fringe. The display parameters are also very comprehensive.

Switch/control key is on the right and convex degree is not high. Charging mouth is at the bottom. There are five cooling holes. Atomizer is 3 ml capacity, 22 mm diameter Tfv8 baby, compared with Big baby, its design structure is same, size is smaller.

Basic operation
Conventional 5 click to open, standby after 5 click it get into locked then long press the ignition select shutdown, locked down under the quick 3 press enter submenu to set. SMOK its product is same in settin up. Basic ICONS defined as above, use the “+””-” keys to choose, long press the ignition key to confirm. It is worth mentioning the Q machine for only 1600 mah battery, so inside the screen there is brightness adjustment. Appropriate adjustment can prolong the life of the battery.

Internal structure
With built-in 1600 mah polymer battery, compact internal space is compressed.

A very “Q” host, small in volume, of course, at the same time reduce the life of battery. The collocation suits is also strange kind of top-heavy feeling, and the overall power/life is not very suitable for this kind of smoke atomizer. For domestic market the formal version will match their own small whirlwind taste atomizer.

Boxy shape for a long time will have a feeling of dull. Overall this small Q – BOX is very easy to carry, and tie-in palate class atomizer it maintain a day of life is more than enough.


Zero threshold, delicate and portable suit – SMOK, Q – BOX

In the previous H – priv Mini, people thought the Mini type host in terms of size, should stop here. But today the role of the Q – BOX refresh this. The original can be small to the extreme. Today we talk about Q – BOX.

Double double version at home and abroad, rich colors, meet all kinds of people. SMOK QBOX 50w kit packaging continue using SMOK classic design, the upper and lower box. On the positiv side there are suit figure and name.

In the upper box there is a single host. Color matching is still respectively, black, silver, purple, gold and dazzle colour version. Enough to meet the aesthetic needs of a variety of color curry.
The Q-BOX divided into overseas and domestic edition. The overseas edition carrie atomizer for TF V8 Baby and home edition carries atomizer for cyclone atomizer.

The host is small all-sided and the dimensions of the matchbox generally, break through the limit. In packaging, the lower is still “cornucopia” in addition to host all hidden in this. Including the TF V8 atomizer and standby atomization core, the spare parts of synthetic bags, USB cable, as well as the instructions.

It is a pity that due to size of host, packaging does not carry the spare glass warehouse.

Q-BOX size is 54.8 mm * 33.57 mm * 25 mm. Pure size may make a lot of people can’t understand how small it is. Matchbox, for example, a common standard matchbox size is 5 cm long, 3.6 cm wide, 1 cm high. It really make host a matchbox size.

Screen display absolute is full and complete, including the current output mode, the current output power, current, voltage, resistance, power, the cumulative number of ignition, the ignition time and the output temperature,

Under extreme small size, the screen is not concise. Even more detailed than common mainframe.

SMOK QBOX 50w kit host surface should be sand blasting process, low-key yet a dazzling. It use adaptive 510 electrodes on the top, and is equipped with guide groove around. Five thermal pressure relief hole at the bottom, the layout is consistent with the Numbers on the dice five, with CE refuse identification. In order to keep beautiful, USB interface is hiding in here.

On the side of the fuselage are the rocket and + – key. The sound is ringing, springback potent. The RESET button may restore factory Settings and empty the host data.

As collocation, small, but very handsome, play out their own style
In addition to suit the collocation good atomizer, I prefer free collocation, small, but handsome Q-BOX, and many atomizer is built
In everyday use, short and small match together is very comfortable.

Q-BOX sophisticated portable is needless to say, and excellent stability is particularly satisfactory. As a zero basis entry suit, I personally think Q-BOX is a very successful product. The pursuit of ultimate volume does not cause unreasonable castration. It is small and not residual.

Q-BOX personally I found no obvious insufficient place or fault. If you have already been dazzled by the introduction of equipment in a wide range of designs, You can have a look at the Q-BOX from SMOK company suits.

Preview OF Aspire ZELOS 50W Starter Kit 2500MAH

Introduce you a new compact and luxurious kit from Aspire, called Zelos 50W kit with Nautilus 2, which is a nice combo of a 50W Zelos box mod and Nautilus 2 tank. The Aspire Zelos 50W Kit is now the latest in Zelos ‘ series of superb starter kits. Zelos is powered by a 2500mAh Li-Po battery. From the point of function, as a variable voltage and wattage device, it has a maximum output of 50W, supporting VW/VV/Bypass/TC-Ti/TC-Ni/TC-SS modes, meeting your different vaping needs. Coming with precise TC settings, the new firmware ensures its wattage can also be adjusted under TC mode.

From the perspective of appearance, it’s definitely an ergonomic box mod due to the sleek user-friendly design. Plus stylish modern colors-black, red, grey must make you stand out in the crowd. As an upgraded version of original Nautilus, Nautilus 2 is a mouth to lung tank with TPD compliant 2ml e-liquid capacity, which looks very curvy. It comes with a pre-installed 1.8ohm BVC coil, as well as bottom airflow adjuster. Top-fill design make it so easy and keeps things clean. The interchangeable coils with other Nautilus coils allows you to personalize your vaping experience. If you are looking for a new kit, this one must be a smart choice.

Aspire Zelos. A compact and ergonomic vaping mod from Aspire, powered by a 2500mah built in Li-Po battery. Wattage can reach up to 50W. Variable voltage and wattage device. In addition to its precise TC settings, the new firmware ensures its wattage can also be adjusted under TC mode, with all that added together with the Nautilus 2 mouth to lung 2ml tank. The latest in the Nautilus series, sleek curvy design equipped with a 1.8ohm BVC coil. Top fill design keeps things clean and interchangeable coils with other Nautilus coils allows you to personalize your coil/cloud producing preference.

With Zelos 50W MOD whose claim to fame is the massive built-in 2500mAh Li-Po battery while packed inside a surprisingly compact design, along with a range of anodized and matte colors options , solid Aluminum material , industrial – grade TC settings and new firmware guaranteeing the adjustable wattage under TC mode, this kit is gracefully avoiding being too large and bulky while delivering top power and performance. Featured with a Nautilus2 mouth to lung Tank of the juice capacity at 2mL as well as a 1.8ohm BVC coil, it is a great addition to any flavor chaser’s collection.

Apart from the precise TC settings, the new firmware ensures its wattage to be adjusted under TC mode, with all that together added in a stylish design, making the Zelos a smart choice for your vaping needs. Aspire Zelos 50W TC Box Mod,a compact and ergonomic vaping mod from Aspire powered by a 2500mah built-in Lipo battery. Wattage can reach up to 50W. It’s a variable voltage and wattage device. In addition to its precise TC settings, the new firmware ensures its wattage can also be adjusted under TC mode, with all that together added in a stylish design, making the Zelos a smart choice for your vaping needs.