Freakshow RDA V2 by Wotofo – you can “fry” with it

Over the past few days we have already talked about a couple of new atomizers from the company Wotofo . Now I’m talking about the updated versions of Sapor , Troll RDA , and the new Lush Mini . At this, the manufacturer is not going to stop, and looking ahead, I can say that they still have enough new devices in stock. One of which is Freakshow RDA V2 .

Freakshow RDA V2 by Wotofo - you can fry with it

I think many of you remember the first version of the Freakshow RDA . A rather powerful drip with an ugly skeleton on the body could, for a while, become one of the most popular atomizers. Since that time, quite a lot of water has flowed, and today, no one will look at such a rip.

Freakshow RDA V2 by Wotofo - you can fry with it

Whether it’s an updated version. Wotofo engineers tried to combine all the popular trends of modern vaping in one device. What can I say, at one glance at this device, it became clear to me that lovers of taste have nothing to do here, since the drip is designed for “a lot of steam”.

Dimensions :

Height – 37 mm.
Diameter – 22 mm.
Weight – 68 g.

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Freakshow RDA V2 by Wotofo - you can fry with it

Having removed the top cover of the rim, the user gets access to the Velocity – racks. Despite the fact that Wotofo was too lazy to provide complete information on the TTX base, based on the photos, we can conclude that in these racks you can install any build within reasonable limits.

Freakshow RDA V2 by Wotofo - you can fry with it

I can say that spaciousness is not an advantage of this atomizer. In such cases, you understand why you need a diameter of 24 – 25 mm. Well, okay, dripki never created for people who are too lazy to once again drip the liquid 🙂
For the air supply to the spiral meets two blowing systems. The main work, in my opinion, is performed by the lower airflow consisting of two wide holes. By the way, it reminded me a bit of Tsunami RDA, though in this database we see two slots instead of four Kennedy nozzles – a style.

The auxiliary function is assigned to the side airflow, which consists of two external slots on each side, and is adjusted by turning the upper part of the atomizer.

Freakshow RDA V2 by Wotofo - you can fry with it

As in the case of other atomizers, the manufacturer gives the buyer the right to choose. Included comes a wide delrin chaf – cap, an adapter for the 510th drip – a type of the same material, and of course, the drip itself is a type of stainless steel that can be changed to any other of your collection.

Freakshow RDA V2 by Wotofo - you can fry with it

Freakshow RDA V2 by Wotofo - you can fry with it

Of all the Wotofo presented lately, the Freakshow RDA V2 is most suitable for pro – vapers. Novelty can make a good competition for the current market leaders. I can call indisputable advantages a relatively affordable price, high quality of the product, and a very good appearance of the atomizer.

Now It’s Available :Wotofo Freakshow V2 RDA Black

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